Sunday, November 06, 2005

Good Clean Fun

It's been a most pleasant birthday weekend thus far. I met up with my folks yesterday in the sleepy (except when there's a street festival) hamlet of Fayetteville for lunch.

Upon arriving back in Austin, my drumming buddy Lance took me to Banzai for a nice bento box. Then we went to Room 710 to see Mandible and Viper Horse. This being the first time I've been downtown without having to drive home in recent memory, I drank four whole pints of beer. Lance brought me home around 1:30 and we watched some rare Chicago concert footage because that's just how we roll.

My bandmate David and his loverly wife Rachel took me to breakfast at the Frisco Shop this morning. There's nothing like a good American breakfast and several cups of coffee to soak up the previous night's excess. Tomorrow, I'll be asking my doctor about Zocor.


Leslie said...

Happy birthday Greg!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,man...sorry it's late, I wasn't able to get online until today.