Thursday, November 24, 2005

Smokin' Down to H-Town

Happy Thanksgiving from balmy Houston. I zipped down here this morning on blissfully traffic-free highways at speeds last night's drivers could only dream about. The trip took me less than two and a half hours door-to-door.

With the exception of the years when we went to Dallas to see the Cowboys play, my family always gets a Greenberg Smoked Turkey shipped to us from Tyler. They're not cheap as turkeys go, but nothing but nothing beats the smoky, pepper-laden flavor of a Greenberg in my book.

Between the turkey, the ham, the stuffing, the potatoes, the green bean casserole, the pumpkin pie and the red wine, I think I need a long health walk now.


Leslie said...

Oh God, how I miss the Greenberg smoked turkey!!!! Maybe they will ship to Australia. . .Happy Thanksgiving, Greg. I flaked out this year (the first time in 15 years). It's hard when you're the only one who does it and it's not a public holiday.

mkf said...

yeah, i ordered one last year, hoping it'd be as good as i remembered from my childhood--i wasn't disappointed. all concerns about their new status as one of oprah's "favorite things" changing them for the worse evaporated when my attempt to pay for my order with a credit card over the phone was met with, "aw, hon, we don't mess with those thangs around here. just drop us a check when you get your turkey, ok?"

i miss east texas sometimes...