Friday, November 11, 2005

The Baggage Smugglers

My former roommate Kevin rolled into town from Seattle last night for a three-day birthday weekend of frolic and relaxation. Things started out pretty good. We went directly from the airport to the Continental Club to get down with the Bloody Tears and the Diamond Smugglers doing their respective Sixties R&B garage and Neil Diamond tribute things. It was a good show all around.

Unfortunately, when we opened up my trunk at 2:30 in the morning to retrieve Kevin's luggage, it was all gone. No laptop, no clothes, no toiletries. Nothing else was missing in my car as far as I could tell, though the glovebox was open. We think someone must've seen us put his luggage in the trunk before going into the club.

We drove back down to South Congress and managed to find Kevin's book bag abandoned by the side of the road along with removed luggage tags, but that was it. Dirty fucking thieves.


Rantor said...

There are car break-ins every night on both sides of Congress and on streets from Pleasant Valley to Zilker from the river down to Ben White. But do you ever see a patrol car drive by? No.

Chox said...

Oh man...reading that just pissed me off.

That's it...I'm gonna go destroy something. BRB.