Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Peanut Brittle Ice Cream

The good folks at the H-E-B ice cream laboratory recently introduced Creamy Creations peanut brittle ice cream in the $2.50 half-gallon model. I haven't been this swept off my feet by a beckoning grocery product since they came out with roasted garlic-flavored Triscuits.

While not as successful as H-E-B's Texas Seasons Poteet strawberry ice cream in execution, their peanut brittle ice cream is still a novel treat. The tiny bits of peanut brittle are more akin to Atkinson's peanut butter bars in texture (good news for your dental work), but the flavor is all there. Together with vanilla ice cream and a caramel ribbon, the end result is not unlike a caramel pecan ice cream with peanuts subbing for pecans. Finishing off a half-gallon should be no problem.

Aside from their razors and their Ranch Style Beans knock-off, I can't think of any other H-E-B brand products I absolutely won't use.


Chox said...

I love HEB. They have the BIGGEST parking lots I've ever seen...and their deli is amazing (at least the ones in San Antonio I've been to). I think Anna Nicole Smith shops there.

Anonymous said...

I love their new Queen tribute commercials... for now anyways.

Rantor said...

I'll try any H-E-B product once. El Galindo tortillas are better than the H-E-B, but the H-E-B four-for-a-dollar packets of yellow cornbread mix are really wonderful. Just use a little less milk than called for, add some chopped jalapenos or poblanos, use no sugar, and put them in your favorite small cast-iron skillet. The cornmeal is old-fashioned coarse-ground. My guess is that it's custom-milled at Pioneer in San Antonio