Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Texas Takes A Shot At Sony

Kudos to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott for filing a lawsuit against Sony/BMG for putting damaging anti-piracy spyware on 52 of its CDs. I hope he is just one of many state AGs who sue Sony for its stupid, malicious crime against consumers. Boing Boing has a good rundown of the whole sordid affair.

The bitter irony is that Sony's spyware is corrupting the computers of people who actually go out and buy CDs instead of downloading music illegally. They're screwing people for doing the right thing. I can't imagine too many businesses I'd feel less guilty about stealing from.

Now who says I never have nothing nice to say about Republicans?

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Anonymous said...

Sony is actually infringing on several legal standards by putting such anti-piracy software on a CD, but that's too boring to go on about. I just want to know which state official or millionaire fat cat got the A.G. on the phone because their computer melted down after they tried to listen to the new Jessica Simpson Christmas album. - JC