Sunday, October 30, 2005

We've Got Jumpers

I don't know what I did to deserve it, but the car fairy was smiling on me yesterday. Instead of needing a new alternator or starter, I just needed a new battery and (here's the critical part) a new set of battery cables. Mine were apparently too rusty to move juice anymore, but the tow truck driver's worked like a charm.

I left my car at Pep Boys and took a stroll up the 183 service road to Sunflower, my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in town. Their $6.50 five spice chicken lunch special was exquisite. The special included a pineapple, tomato and green onion soup that made perfect sense once you tasted it.

It was a great day for walking around in general, so I didn't mind being on foot in the least. Between walking, the IGA market up the street and Capital Metro's No. 5 route, I could do most everything I need to do from here without a car if I needed to.

Once night fell, my duplex neighbors had a costume keg party. I came as a vampire prom king, but the plastic fangs impeded my drinking, so I spit 'em out early on. All of the college-aged girls wore sexy costumes, which got me to thinking about how girls' costumes are almost always sexy while guys' costumes are almost always hideous.

To wit, one guy "came" as a giant penis, complete with a portable fan mechanism to create tumescence. Another was a turd with a little yellow dot of fabric to signify corn. Meanwhile, the vastly outnumbered girls were low-cut, short-skirted and full of Jell-O shots. I just smiled and tried not to look like too dirty of an old man.


Leslie said...

I know what you mean about the girls! Katherine is 15 and wants to dress up as a prostitute. Yeah right! See, she looks sexy in a paper bag already. . .no way is she dressing like that. So now, she is going as a cowgirl - still a bit of a worry thanks to Jessica Simpson. Those shorts are too damn short!

Greg said...

You're right about that! The "Daisy Dukes" of our era are long and baggy compared to those of today.

snax said...

I love the Lemongrass Chicken at Sunflower, but don't understand their lunch specials - less $$ for tons of food!