Wednesday, October 26, 2005

ACL 2006 Set for September

The fourth annual Austin City Limits Music Festival will take place September 15-17, 2006 in Zilker Park.

So why didn't organizers move it to October? Let's go to the website:

"We have to pick a weekend that doesn't have other competing major events, such as a University of Texas home football game. Logistically, the city is incapable of handling both ACL Festival and other activities that draw a large number of tourists on the same weekend because of limitations on hotel capacity and downtown parking facilities. That leaves a narrow window of availability in late September through early October.

The traditional touring season for bands is May through September. By holding the event in September, we can route bands through Austin as part of their tours and get the bands we want that make our lineups the most exciting and diverse in the industry.

Also, historical temperatures in October don't differ that much from September, but the chance of rain dramatically increases. The 30-year average high for the last two weeks of September is 88 degrees Fahrenheit (vs. 84 degrees Fahrenheit for first two weeks of October).

But, the 10-year average rainfall for the first two weeks of October is almost 3 times as high as for the last two weeks of September."

Those are all good reasons, but they all fall flat when it's 108 degrees and you're standing in line for one of only two free water fountains.

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