Saturday, October 29, 2005

Breakdown Dead Ahead

Last night started out as a most pleasant evening. I went directly from work to the Chron fall party at the Elks' Lodge where I loaded up on BBQ and Indian food. Then I got caught up in a beer drinking game called Flip Cup for a few rounds, but I bowed out very early in the name of public safety.

From there, it was off to the Dog & Duck Pub for a pint with my drumming buddy Lance, who was making a special north-of-the-river appearance. As the night wore down, I climbed in my car only to discover it was dead. Jumping the battery didn't help, either, so I'm thinking it's probably the starter or alternator, but who knows? That kinda sucked. If I'd known I wouldn't have a car at night's end, I would've had a couple more pints.

Fortunately, Julie L. of the Diamond Smugglers was still there and graciously gave me a ride home. I was also glad I hadn't taken my car to East Texas last week. Getting stuck at the Duck wasn't half as bad as being stranded somewhere in the Davy Crockett National Forest.

This afternoon will be dedicated to getting my car towed to the mechanic. I'll probably be hoofing it until at least Monday afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Julie is a goddamn angel - she let me borrow her sewing machine so that I could make my son's Halloween costume. We are not worthy.