Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Papanicholas Coffee Company

I don't have the money for a $3 cup of coffee everyday, nor do I have the inclination to spend my first waking moments sitting in a drive-thru waiting for that cup. I'm a brew-it-yourself kind of guy.

Although I've cycled my way through several brands, I always come back to Papanicholas Hawaiian Islands Blend. It's a mild-roast mix of Kona and Columbian Supremo reasonably priced at $6.39 for a 12-ounce bag.

Papanicholas started in 1982 in the Wheaton, Illinois garage of the late Nicholas A. Papanicholas. They're now the leading whole bean brand in the Chicagoland market. Texas is their first state south of the Mason-Dixon line.

For years, I've noticed the "Papa Points" proofs of purchase on the sides of of their bags. It wasn't until today that I went to their website and found out what I could now own had I been smart enough to start collecting those Papa Points.

At five Papa Points per bag, it would take five bags for a Papanicholas mug, eight bags for a stainless steel travel tankard and only 850 bags for a Bodum expresso machine (plus shipping and handling, of course). What the hell was I thinking when I threw all those bags away?


Kilian said...

I'm an Eight O'Clock man myself. It's usually on sale for $8.99 (2lb 7oz bag) at the Fairplay Food & Liqour down the street from my house (they accept Link cards!).

I did not know Papanicholas is Chicagoland's favorite. I do prefer many things original here to Chicago like Vienna Beef and Red Hot Chicagos and "" But this time I will have to disappoint. You can't beat the Eight O'Clock price. They don't have giveaways but with the money you save you can get your own mugs. I just bought a lovely Cat in the Hat mug (14oz!).

antsnax said...

Heh- Because you called it Papanicholas, I thought it was a Greek coffee company based in Chicago making a Hawaiian blend- how odd! Checked the website to find out that it is "Papa Nicholas"- not so farfetched. I like a medium to dark roast from Equal Exchange myself, especially the Costa Rican Vienna roast.

I spoiled myself this weekend after we moved our traditional post-DimSumday coffee from Texpresso to Fry's. Now I am the proud owner of a new DeLonghi burr grinder and a Programmable Mr. Coffee maker...yay java toys!

Anonymous said...

If you have a Cosco card, you can purchase a kilo (2.2 lb.) bag of whole bean, medium or dark roast, Ruta Maya coffee for about $11.50. Quite the bargain, since 12 oz. at HEB runs about $10.

Anonymous said...

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