Friday, October 28, 2005

Out of the KKKloset for Traditional Marriage

Wake up wahte people! If you support the gay marriage ban, I'm afraid you're now in bed with the Ku Klux Klan.

The Klannies will be in Austin on November 5th to rally in support of "traditional" marriage. November 5th is also my birthday, so they'd better be bringing presents. If not, I'll gladly accept their white sheets if they've got a decent thread count.

On a related note, early voting started this week on the amendment that would enshrine discrimination in the Texas constitution by defining marriage exclusively as a one man/one woman contract and prohibiting the recognition of any legal status conferring marriage-like rights on anyone else. That latter part could potentially be used to screw all unmarried couples - gay and straight - out of health insurance, hospital visitation, family sick leave and much more.

While the Klanvangelical alliance is a formidable foe, there's a slight chance this amendment can be defeated. It's all a matter of which side gets out the vote.

From a purely pragmatic perspective, this hateful little turd is not something any sane person wants clogging up their constitution. Gay marriage is illegal enough as it is. However, in several decades when gay marriage bans are as anathema to decent society as colored water fountains, Texas is going to lose Super Bowls, conventions and businesses because of it. Smart people will refuse to relocate here and conscientious tourists will steer around Texas on principle.

When the pendulum finally forces Texas to change, it'll be a lot easier to do so if it's not part of our silly-ass constitution, which is a horrible enough document as it is.


Anonymous said...

If the support of the KKK doesn't discredit the movement to ban gay marriage completely, I don't know what will.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, maybe we could tell everyone that the 14th Amendment makes Prop. 2 D.O.A. so it doesn't really matter if it passes or not... no, we better not, though I doubt that the Superbowl is going to avoid Texas just because gays can't get hitched - not really the same market there. Considering the ass backward "Defend Texas Marriage" campaign by Glen Maxey (who is simply awesome most of the time) which is "cloaked" in the jargon of the crazy Right, "...activist judges anulling all marriages...". I doubt that the KKK association will change anyone's mind on the matter. The race card is still present in the incomplete deck that most of the voters in this state are playing with.

Greg said...

The 14th Amendment should nullify laws against gay marriage (just like it nullified Texas' gay-only sodomy law), but I wouldn't bank on the Supreme Court seeing it that way.

You're probably right about the Super Bowl, though. And even if it seems like just desserts after years of similar crap from the other side, I don't feel good about Maxey's effort to trick people into voting against Prop. 2, either.