Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Waning Wireless and Sandpaper Chicken

There's no easy way to drive from Austin to Nacogdoches. I took I-35 to Round Rock, U.S. 79 to Hearne, Farm Road 318 to Wheelock, Old San Antonio Road to Normangee (I think), State Highway 21 to Crockett and State Highway 7 to Nacogdoches. The whole thing took about four and a half hours.

The Astros game is in the 5th inning as I write and they're losing 2-1. Hopefully they'll pull it out. Best to avoid a return trip to St. Louis.

I'm staying at a La Quinta with free wi-fi, but my room is at the very end of the property, so I'm out of range. I brought my laptop over to the lobby to write this. Aside from the night clerk, I'm the only one here.

Otherwise, my room is decent enough. It smells a little funny, but the TV works fine and there are no dark stains on the bedspread. I give it two and a half stars.

I relived my buffet hot-dogging days for dinner at a place called Barnhill's Buffet. It looked like an old Western Sizzlin' and tasted about the same. The catfish wasn't bad, but the fried chicken was drier than sandpaper.

There's not much to see in Nacogdoches on a Monday night, at least not if you don't know where to look. The towering pine trees seem to make everything even darker than normal. The nearly full moon looked pretty cool, though.

I actually have to work tomorrow, so I best be getting some rest now.

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BB said...

Holy Ronald McDonald... two strikes away from winning it and Lidge walks Edmonds, then offers a fat pitch to Pujols... that one hurt.