Sunday, October 16, 2005

One Game Away

Growing up in Houston, I remember going to the Astrodome and peeing in the lowered "junior" urinal trough with a sign above it that read, "For our future Astros."

I remember the first time the Astros made it to the National League Championship Series against the Phillies back in 1980. It was a huge deal. They let us out of school early and the radio stations all played this song that went, "Here come the Astros, burnin' with desire/Here come the Astros, breathin' orange fire!" You know, as opposed to green fire.

I also remember the '86 Mets. And the '04 Cardinals.

We've been burned by the Astros before, but I think they're going to the World Series this time. Really, I do.


Anonymous said...

Why'd you have to go and curse them like that?

Kilian said...

I grew up with the Astros too when Joooooooose Cruuuuuuuuz was swing a bat. A guy named Jose Cruz also worked at my grandfather's factory and he ritualistically spent 40 minutes in the John after lunch every day. Those are some of my first Houston memories watching Cruz I hit a ball and waiting for Cruz II to drop a turd.

I'm southside Chicago now, so...bring it on!!!

BB said...

I still look for JR Richard baseball cards whenever I think about it.

Loved watching Jose Cruz the elder hustling in left field, Art Howe at 2nd base...

Yeah, I think they're going to do it too. I think the Sox and Astros are very similar teams, but I think Houston has the edge in the bullpen.

Carpenter/Pettitte tonight though... Okay, so maybe the series will end up 4-2.