Sunday, July 10, 2005

Who Wants Pork?

Having followed the Albertson's circular religiously for several weeks now, I can authoritatively say this week is a good one for their 10 for $10 promotion. Particularly if you like pork. I purchased five heaping pounds of pork loin chops for $5.26 yesterday.

A lot of single people living alone are scared of buying family packs of meat, but the savings is too substantial to pass up. When I get home, I carefully separate the chops into single serving portions and freeze them in Zip-Loc bags. Whenever I'm in the mood for pork (insert bad double entendre here), I defrost a Zip-Loc bag in cold water and grill it up. I'm sure this seems like well-duh stuff to some, but I still get plenty of satisfaction from my meat maximization system (here, too).

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