Monday, July 18, 2005

Two Hours I Want Back

I can't believe I lost two hours of my life watching the disgraceful 1999 movie Pushing Tin on FX this weekend. It's a Lifetime-style TV movie of the week that somehow got made as a big budget Hollywood film. I figured I'd at least enjoy the air traffic control aspect of it, but that was just a phony backdrop for an overwrought, poorly-realized love story. John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton compete for wives and airspace while learning a bit too much about each other in the process. My hope for a catastrophic mid-air collision grew more fervent with every scene.

Pushing Tin isn't a noble kind of failure. It sucks without taking risks. They aimed right at the middle and made the Applebee's of filmed entertainment.


Chox said...

I lost an hour watching a stupid fucking Pauly Shore movie on TBS because I was too lazy to get up to change the channel.

Before you ask where my remote was, I don't have one, and I turn my TV on and off with a clapper.

Yeah, that's what my life has become. Pauly Shore and clapping.

Chox said...
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