Saturday, July 02, 2005

I'll Have To Run It By My Editor

If you're in a band (or if you're a budding publicist), take a look at Sam Machkovech's column in this week's Dallas Observer to learn how not to pimp product to the local press. Rule number one: don't force a writer to listen to your demo over dinner at his mother's house.

My one beef with Machkovech's piece is that he reveals the magical line, "I'll have to run it by my editor" for what it often is: a polite way of brushing off the overly zealous. I thought that was a trade secret!

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Anonymous said...

E-mail has made dealing with all this crap so much easier. Rather than buttonhole a critic in person, most musicians e-mail him/her. (At least they do me.) And I can ignore or reply at my leisure. Perfect for agoraphobic introverts like myself.