Monday, July 25, 2005

Brady Season Two

Season two of The Brady Bunch drops on DVD tomorrow. Although I prefer the latter day episodes, there's plenty of immortal Brady lore to be had in season two, including:

1. The "itching powder in the sleeping bags" episode ("The Slumber Caper") where the boys ruin Marcia's groovy slumber party. I was quite a little prankster growing up, but I never saw itching powder, nor did I ever hear of its use except in this episode of The Brady Bunch.

2. "Mom always said don't play ball in the house." Peter hears Bobby say that over and over again as he slowly caves from guilt after breaking mom's vase and having his brothers and sisters cover for him so he won't get grounded and miss a camping trip ("Confessions, Confessions").

3. Jan and Cindy see Greg smoking (smoking!) after school and rat him out to mom and dad ("Where There's Smoke"). Hell, at least it wasn't dope, right? Significantly, smoking was more tolerated among youth in 1970 than it is now, making this one of the few Brady episodes that might be more relevant today.

4. Season two featured two classic "Crazy Jan" episodes, including one where she makes up a boyfriend named "George Glass" in a lame attempt to one-up Marcia ("The Not-So-Ugly Duckling"). This is the episode that birthed "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" Then there's "Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?," in which Jan shows up at a party in a hideous wig and gets laughed right out the door by her friends.

5. Finally, my favorite season two episode, "Our Son, The Man," in which Greg dons shades, lets the fringe fly and turns dad's study into a groovy little hippie pad.


Kat said...

That episode with Greg's groovy pad is the best! Right up there with Johnny Bravo...
I'd love a compilation of "psychedelic" music from 60s-70s sitcoms. You know, what you hear coming out of Greg Brady's radio...

Leslie said...

God! I wish the Brady Bunch reruns were on over here! Not only for nostalgia value, but so my kids could laugh at the fashions of the day and see what good wholesome tv was like. Much better than the crap they want to watch (Big Brother comes to mind. . .just what young kids need to watch. . .not!)