Saturday, July 30, 2005

Pride and Joy

I did a feature story about vocalist Ray Pride and the Crack Pipes for this week's Chronicle. They're all big music fans with stacks of records, so I enjoyed talking to them. The Crack Pipes' show last Saturday night at Hole in the Wall was extra tuff as well.

So long as you're there, check out the latest news about the big ass temple and secretive compound being erected in rural Schliecher County by the breakaway sect of fundamentalist Mormon polygamists led by fugitive Warren Jeffs. If you're a creepy looking white man looking to impregnate lots of 16-year-old girls, this might be the spiritual framework you've been waiting for.

I'm headed for the sleepy little B&B town of Glen Rose today on special assignment. It's almost a 400-mile round trip, but a mission is a mission.

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