Wednesday, July 06, 2005

All Connections Go

After one last trip to Best Buy, I finally found a USB network adapter that works with TiVo. What a good feeling it was to have a successful program information download after all these weeks. I think I know how those boys in Mission Control must've felt after Apollo 13.

Having gotten TiVo up and running again, I now realize I could've saved myself hours of anger had I not opted to redo the initial guided setup when Time Warner's digital phone service wouldn't call out. I could've installed wireless hardware right then and there as opposed to taking the TiVo box to a friend's house with a land line and tying up their phone for over an hour. Don't ever opt to redo initial guided setup on a TiVo DVR unless you absolutely have no other choice.

And here's something else: even if I wasn't getting HBO, I'd still like Time Warner Cable's channel line-up better than Grande's. With Time Warner, I get News 8 Austin, TXCN (Belo's Dallas-based statewide news network which gets feeds from WFAA in Dallas, KHOU in Houston and KENS in San Antonio) and KLRU 2 (which shows the BBC News weeknights at 6:30). That's what happens when you have a journalism degree.

The only Grande channel I miss is Boomerang from Cartoon Network and its Bullwinkle reruns. However, Time Warner does have some of Boomerang's programming on one of their On Demand channels.

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