Saturday, July 09, 2005

Baseball, Hot Dogs and Crack Pipes

Last night, I went to my first Round Rock Express game with Rev. Ray Pride of the Crack Pipes. We were doing an interview for a story I'm writing about them. Baseball moves slowly enough to where you can get into pretty involved conversations without missing too much of the action.

The Express were coming off a road trip and their equipment got delayed, which delayed the start of the game by more than half an hour. Between that and the impending All-Star break, Round Rock had no gas in the tank. Nashville won easily 4-1.

I can't watch baseball on TV unless it's the playoffs, but it's always fun to go to a game. Especially when the most expensive ticket is $10.


Kat said...

And of course you interrupted the interview to do the chicken dance. . .

chepo said...

shit man I have been wondering who would want to go to a game with me. I like me a little baseball every once in a while. I went to an express game once and it was a blast.