Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Smiling Face of American Malignance

The complacent press corps finally is waking up to the ugly truth: Karl Rove is a pus-filled tumor on the American body politic that needs to be excised, dissected to benefit future generations and thrown in an incinerator with the dirty needles and soiled sheets.

You just know Ol' Turd Blossom breathed a silent sigh of relief when London was bombed last week. Surely he thought we’d return to lockstep post-9/11 nostrums about standing united in rage on the corpse of irony. Crank up that threat level and everyone stands down, right? Not this time, Blossom.

It was a pleasant surprise to see reporters asking about the Plame leak over and over again on Monday, holding that Son of One Tough Grandma’s feet to the fire for a change. Maybe they’ve figured out they should be mad as hell about their own complicit role in Rove’s treachery. After all, this is a government official who blew the cover of a CIA agent in a time of war to get back at her husband for not towing the line on Bush’s crooked justification for diverting the war to Iraq in the first place. I’d say that equals roughly 1,000 Oval Office blowjobs.

Although he deserves worse, forcing Rove to resign would be cause for celebration. I don’t expect we’ll see him go to jail, though. Rove’s legal defense – saying “Joseph Wilson’s wife” instead of “Valerie Plame” – is just Clintonian enough to let a rich, well-connected white man skate.

They’ve really restored dignity to the White House, haven’t they?


Anonymous said...

I'd like to think that, this time, the press won't give the administration a free pass and that Bush will do the right thing, especially since he promised to fire anyone involved in the leak.

But, despite the grilling Scott McClellan got yesterday, I suspect the press will eventually drop any serious investigation, just like they always do, and Bush will just ignore the situation, trusting in his own sovereignty, just like he always has.

Though it would make me a lot happier if I was proven wrong.


jennifer said...

Don't even get me started on Oval Office blowjob math! (Sorry, Greg's mom and dad!) I do it all the time (like today: Iraqui kids blown up by suicide bomber while getting gifts from US soldiers = 1 million blowjobs, plus or minus a few hundred thousand cigars).

When I think of Clinton getting impeached for a tawdry, meaningless (to the nation) affair vs. Dubya's lying during a State of the Union address (among many other times) to get us into the Iraq War (which is now mostly ignored and/or forgotten by the media, esp. Fox--hello missing teen in Aruba! Shark bites! Hurricanes!), I get violently angry and then have to take to my swoonin' couch.

Lone Ranger said...

Another loving liberal site. Now I have to go take a shower -- again.

Lone Ranger said...

Here's what should happen. If Karl Rove is charged with a crime, he should be suspended. If he is convicted, he should be fired. Of course, it is at the President's discretion to fire him if he is proven to have leaked information. Nothing has yet been proven. The Democrats and their ilk are always whining about fairness, that's fair, isn't it?

Let's take a look at some of the people who are demanding Mr. Rove's resignation.

Barbara Boxer, during the House bank scandal of 1992, wrote 143 worthless checks in 39 months on the House bank. That prompted Boxer to tell the Sacramento Bee that "I didn't pay enough attention to my personal checking account" She took the Barby doll defense -- "Math is hard!" The bad checks totaled $41,417 - or an average of $289.63 for each of her worthless checks. She didn't resign. She ran for the Senate.

Senator Chris Dodd and Ted Kennedy would go out for a fun night in Washington to a place called La Brasserie, and they were notorious for making waitress sandwiches. That's either Dodd or Kennedy on the bottom, waitress in the middle, and either Dodd or Kennedy on the top. Dodd hasn't resigned.

Ted Kennedy KILLED A WOMAN! He hasn't resigned.

Homosexual Congressman Barney Frank fixed traffic tickets for his lover, who was running a gay prostitution business out of Frank's apartment. Frank didn't resign.

Senator Robert Byrd was a recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan. He recruited 150 people into that terrorist organization. Byrd says he never did anything violent, but can he swear the same about the 150 people he recruited? He surely has blood on his hands. Byrd won't resign.

Senator Joe Biden was forced to drop his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988 because he had plagiarized from British pol Neil Kinnock. Biden is still in the Senate.

Bill Clinton lied under oath. He was impeached. Arkansas lifted his law license. But he did not resign.

That's just off the top of my head. I'm sure I could find more if I did a bit of research.

How do these people look at themselves in a mirror? Have they no shame, no self-respect, no sense of dignity or honor? What am I thinking? They're Democrats.

Find Truth said...

Do you have to use bad language to stress your point of view?Maybe you think it makes your statements seem important.I would read more of your input if you got to the point.Blow jobs were only used during the Clinton administartion.

jennifer said...

Gee, Lone Ranger (if that is your real name) are you actually equating revealing the identity of an undercover operative during war time (aka "treason") with Barney Frank fixing parking tickets? Or is it the "homosexual" part that really irks?

And yeah, Ted Kennedy MAY have killed a woman. How many civilian women have died in Iraq? Does anyone actually know?

And who are all you people, anyway? Where was your outrage during the Great TiVo Wars? The calls for justice during The Hubig's Pies Crusades? Or even a little hue and cry at the Tragic Closing of Delta's DFW Hub?


Greg said...

Yeah, what she said! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find a homosexual to fix my parking tickets.