Friday, April 01, 2005

Poteet Strawberry Ice Cream

I'm normally a Blue Bell man through and through, but all that changes in the spring when H-E-B releases its limited edition Creamy Creations Poteet Strawberry Ice Cream. Generously overstuffed with strawberries, it's easily the best store brand ice cream I've ever tasted. According to this week's circular, it should be on shelves now. However, a brief glance of the frozen food sections of the Hancock Center and Allandale Road stores revealed no Poteet Strawberry Ice Cream. Given its growing popularity and limited availability, you should grab the first half-gallon you see.

For the uninitiated, Poteet is a town just south of San Antonio that happens to be the official strawberry capital of Texas. The annual Poteet Strawberry Festival, which draws crowds in excess of 100,000, takes place next weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I used to be a Bluebell man, until I had Ben & Jerry's. Now I've had several ice creams better than Texas' pride and joy. Even their Homemade Vanilla pales in comparison to Dreyer's. (If only Ben & Jerry's still sold their World's Best actually lived up to its billing.) But a big bucket of Bluebell is ounce for ounce cheaper than a pint of B&J or Haagen-Daaz, so BB is still the reigning king of the ice creams in TX.