Saturday, April 16, 2005

One Lazy Sod

Man, I'm one lazy sod this weekend. I can't even get motivated to go out and have fun. Last night, I went to happy hour at the Dog & Duck and wound up staying until 11pm. That's kind of the bubble hour where you either go out or go home. I chose the latter and was in bed before 1am. I'm driving to Houston tomorrow to take my mom to lunch for her birthday, so tonight will probably be pretty tame as well. Once you're past 35, it's bad form to show up hungover on your mom's birthday.

This morning, I decided to go check out the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market (formerly the West Lake Farmer's Market) at its new Burger Center locale. It was okay. They had lots of cute dogs, plenty of Poteet strawberries and a drum circle doing its part to keep us all weird, but no homegrown tomatoes yet. I would've bought some pickles, but I'm still working my way through a Claussen jar and one man living alone can only eat so many pickles. Frankly, I felt a little guilty leaving without buying anything.

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Karla said...

MMmm...Dog and Duck. Even though I go to alot of pubs in the UK, I still hanker for the Austin Dog and Duck. All the comfort of a true British pub, but cheaper and warmer. And an even BETTER beer selection. Yeay!