Friday, April 22, 2005

Come On Down!

Ever since I was a wee young schoolboy, the best part of staying home on a weekday has been getting to watch The Price is Right. If there's a better encapsulation of Americana on TV today, I can't think of it. Bob Barker is clearly the greatest game show emcee ever, and being able to watch him is as much a privilege as watching Michael Jordan play basketball. I miss the late announcers Johnny Olsen and Rod Roddy (who got his start as a D.J. in Fort Worth), but the new guy they have isn't half bad. The great Score Productions theme and incidental music has been left mostly intact, too.

It's impossible for me to watch TPIR without playing along, awash in empathy for the contestant at hand. This is embarrassing to admit, but just this morning, I found myself pretending to have won "A NEW CAR!" in front of my hallway mirror. Triumphantly thrusting my fists in the air and doing a celebratory Caucasian Cabbage Patch dance, I actually felt connected to mainstream America for almost a full minute.

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