Monday, April 04, 2005

Do the (Burnt) Popcorn

You know how those bags of microwave popcorn always tell you not to leave the room while they're popping? Turns out that's really good advice. I completely contaminated my living quarters with the smell of burnt popcorn yesterday and almost passed out from the horrid smoke. After an hour of strolling around in the great outdoors, I could still detect the faint scent of burnt popcorn on my person.

The good folks at HGTV say boiling equal amounts of water and vanilla extract in the microwave and letting it sit in there overnight will get rid of the smell. We'll just see about that.


sexylicious said...

The nastiest smell known to man is burnt popcorn with burnt coffee a close second. I wonder what the simultaneous burning of both would smell like?

Greg said...

I've never managed to burn both coffee and popcorn at the same time, but I'm pretty sure it'll happen sooner or later.