Wednesday, April 20, 2005

10 Things That Don't Keep Austin Weird Anymore

In the tradition of Chuck Shepherd retiring "News of the Weird" stories after they're repeated into ubiquity (e.g., dead political candidates winning elections), here are 10 things about Austin that no longer qualify as weird. I'm not saying any of these things are necessarily bad - they just can't be considered "weird" anymore within the context of day-to-day living in our fair city.

1. Homeless people running for mayor
2. Getting high with the president of your neighborhood association
3. Showing your weenus at a punk rock show
4. Tip jar folk art
5. Closing major thoroughfares every weekend for a street festival and/or 10K run
6. EBTWS (Ex-Pat Breakfast Taco Withdrawl Syndrome)
7. Music lessons where they teach little kids how to play Ramones songs
8. Any person, place or thing featured in Jim Swift's "Out On the Porch" segment on KXAN
9. Being able to drink beer and watch a movie at the same time
10. Government bureaucrats who advocate for revolution

I'm sure there must be dozens more where that came from. Any suggestions?


Karla said...

I would literally KILL for breakfast tacos.
Big time withdrawal.....

Tim said...

Roller derby and burlesque shows
Taking a photo of the cow graffiti
Filming a documentary of musicians
Anything involving comic books or robots
Having live music at your restaurant
Wearing a costume or uniform in your band
Having a hoot night for obscure bands
Saying Austin is tired and moving to Portland

Anonymous said...

Smoking in a bar.

Kat said...

Transvestite homeless people running for mayor.

jennifer said...

Drum circles
Tatooed faces and/or whisker and/or horn implants
Complaining about a $3 cover for a show w/ four bands

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