Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Perfect Receipt

I forgot to mention that I received a $5 coupon for my next Central Market purchase of $25 or more, too.

Indeed, it was a glorious day.


booberrypancake said...

Hey Greg, I once had a cashier at CM tell me that the steak (or gelato or shrimp or whatever the coupon is for) purchase actually applies toward the $40 total. Which doesn't make sense, but I understood her to mean that you don't have to purchase $40 PLUS the steak. But she could have been smoking crack. It's way too easy to rack up a $40+ bill there anyway.

One time, my husband was unsure that he'd gotten $40 worth of groceries. The bill was $120.

Greg said...

So you're saying I could buy $30 worth of groceries plus whatever is on the coupon and STILL get the deal? I'm definitely going to have to look into that.

As far as the checker smoking crack, I've heard they drug test there, so you'd need some pretty powerful system flusher to pull that off.

stacey said...

I went there on Sunday hoping to get one of those coupons and not only did I not get a coupon, but they charged me TWICE for my salsa. Now I've got to take the reciept in today... argh!