Friday, June 23, 2006

KAAM Streams the Legends

When I was growing up, every city of consequence had a "standards" radio station for older adult listeners. The last such station in Austin, KNOW 1490 AM, signed off in the early Nineties. With more and more of its target demographic dying off, the standards format is becoming as anachronistic as drive-in movies.

Dallas' KAAM 770 AM stalwartly bucks this trend, playing Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Kay Starr alongside more "modern" fare by the Kingston Trio, the Sandpipers and the Carpenters. Better yet, they're now streaming their signal far beyond the Metroplex.

If you only listen to one thing on KAAM, make it Hermann Bocklemann's Europe Today on Friday nights. Bocklemann's thick German accent, eclectic music selection and slightly twisted sense of humor make for great radio. He truly embodies the "DJ as friend" approach to broadcasting.

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