Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Albertson's (Sniff): It Was Your Store

In April of 2005, this here blog predicted that either Albertson's or Randall's would be pulling out of the Austin market within the next five years.

Albertson's took a big leap toward fulfilling that prophesy today when they announced the closure of all but five stores in Travis and Williamson counties. They're taking the axe to the two Albertson's closest to me at 8716 Research Blvd. and 11331 N. Lamar Blvd. Both stores will close by summer's end. The loss of the former will really put the hurt on the shopping strip at the southwest corner of Research and Ohlen.

Although the Research store is kind of a dump, I've done pretty well with their meat department except for the time the neophyte butcher had an allergy attack while he was packing my ground beef. Hey, whatdya expect for $1.29 a pound?

Albertson's, you will be missed some people.

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Elizabeth said...

Just because the store isn't the to it's best doesn't mean that its a DUMP!!!! I work there and I love most of the customers and the people who work there. All of us who work there are like a big family and we all get along with eachother. This was my first job and I am very sad and depressed that its closing, but I could careless about my job there. I am more upset about never seeing my new family there and some of the great customers that are nice to you and dont say crap like " I rather shop at H.E.B." But to make it worse is that we found out we were closing on 6-6-6 what a great day to tell tons of people that they have no jobs anymore...