Monday, June 05, 2006

Dallas' New Belmont Hotel

Back in the early Seventies when I was a toddler living at an apartment complex just off Fort Worth Avenue in Oak Cliff near the now-demolished Bronco Bowl, we’d often drive past this really cool, moderne-style Travelodge built on a cliff overlooking downtown Dallas.

This Travelodge opened in 1946 as the Belmont Motor Hotel. It was designed by Dallas architect Charles Stevens Dilbeck. As Oak Cliff fell on hard times, the former Belmont went right along with it, becoming a haven for vice.

Fortunately, the building withstood "progress" and has now reopened as the Belmont Hotel at Dilbeck Court. They’ve done a rather amazing job of refurbishing the place in a manner sure to remind Austinites of the Hotel San Jose.

The Belmont isn’t cheap, at least not by my admittedly frugal standards. Rates start at $125 (online may be cheaper), but you get wi-fi, flat panel TVs, Kiehl’s toiletries and a prime location equidistant from downtown Dallas and the rejuvenated "downtown" Oak Cliff. Not a bad choice for an upscale hipster weekend getaway.

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David said...

I stayed there a few months back - very well done, great service and some nice touches with the food and drink menu. Highly recommended!