Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Joy of Empty Rooms

Despite not playing until 1:15am, I managed to have a pretty fun time at our Momo's gig early Tuesday morning. I'm pretty sure the only people left in the room by then were either performers or club employees.

No one likes to play to no one, but the upside is that whatever anxieties or expectations you may have had about performing are wiped out when the room is empty. You're like a bunch of kids tossing the football around for fun.

That's what this show felt like to me. No pressure at all. Just me and some pals doing the same thing I used to do with tennis racket guitars and hairbrush microphones when I was 10.

Fun as it was, I do hope we get a few more folks out for our show at the Ritz this Friday, March 3. The line-up is Oh, Beast! (1am), The Ron Titter Band (12mid), Many Birthdays (11pm), and Gretchen Phillips (10pm).

Cover for the Ritz show is just five bucks. Take it from a guy who reads the Albertson's circular every week - that's a deal.


A.Czar said...

On the bright side, there were no race riots.

I'll be there Friday, to get my share of Titter.

snax said...

You and Albertson's, geez louise! :P
That a late night for working class dogs to be out, I was long in bed...maybe Friday if I'm not too swamped with SXSW prep. Told Brent today I miss Friday HHs, and I miss me some Beets!