Friday, March 17, 2006

Emo's Day Shows, Beastie Boys, Etc.

I spent most of yesterday toggling back and forth between Emo's Jr. and Emo's IV for day shows. Several friends suggested I check out L.A.'s Dengue Fever and I was glad I did. Their hybrid of Cambodian music and Western pop would be interesting in any case, but they're all really astute musicians, too. Singer Ch’hom Nimol is currently tied with the Ark's Ola Salo for best vocalist I've seen all week.

Emo's IV is the room at the northeast corner of Sixth and Red River. Last time I was there, it was still one of those places where guys wearing backward Titleist caps try to score with girls who've had too many sweet drinks. It's a very loud room, especially without a bunch of people there to soak up the noise. Apparently, Emo's is going to use it as an adjunct bar after SXSW.

The Beastie Boys dropped in to do a set at Stubb's around 7pm. I don't think it was ever officially announced, but word got around pretty quick. The door guys at Stubb's kept telling non-badge folks they weren't getting in, but a fair amount of them did. I saw the Beastie Boys on 1998's Hello Nasty tour at San Antonio's Alamodome. Even though it was just them and Mix Master Mike at Stubb's, it was still more fun in a smaller venue. They did a short set of nothing but hits like "Brass Monkey," "Root Down" and "Body Movin'." Not a bad way to start the evening.

After that, I went to Club de Ville to see the Rogers Sisters. They sounded good, but the two sisters didn't appear to be having too good a time. Or maybe that's just how you're supposed to look if you're a celebrated indie rock band from Williamsburg these days. I couldn't tell.


David Wyatt said...

Went out to see some music with Reed on Thursday and was reminded of that age-old SXSW question: British, or just ugly?

David Wyatt said...

Ooh! I like The Ark. They sound great. Can we write some songs like this, Greg? Can we? Can we?!?

Anonymous said...

Told you,man...