Sunday, March 26, 2006

Doorway to 1,000 Churches Blocked

I was driving to practice this afternoon with my radio on scan when I came upon Mix 94.7 playing Peter Gabriel's 1986 hit, "In Your Eyes." You probably know this song from when John Cusack played it on his boombox outside Ione Skye's house in Say Anything.

Anyway, I'm singing along and playing authentic African polyrhythms on the steering wheel when I notice they've removed the lyric, "I see the doorway to a thousand churches." I damn near had a wreck when I realized what was going on.

Who could possibly be offended by something like that? Has the chilling effect of censorship gotten so extreme that commercial radio can't even play a love song that mentions churches anymore? Is Janet Jackson's titty that powerful?

Someone should enlist a army of "Lloyd Doblers" to stand outside Mix 94.7 and play "In Your Eyes" en toto on boomboxes. Such a protest would look great on TV and melt the hearts of thirtysomething women from Ben White to Braker Lane.


David said...

Wha? So, wait... when you say they removed the lyric, how did that "happen"? Was there a 10 second beep? Backwards lyrics? Or did they actually cut the song up and but the two adjoining parts together to sound like some sort of amputee remix?


booberrypancake said...

you said "titty." awesome.


Greg said...

They just edited the lyric out in a very obvious way. Even if you didn't know the song, you'd notice such a crude, abrupt edit.

snax said...

WTF? I'd be there in a heartbeat for a protest, that's blasphemous.

Bridget Hylak said...

Thank you someone for posting about this! I first noticed it about 6 years ago (maybe 2010?), and now never hear those few words anymore when they play it on the radio, huge downgrade and dilution to the song in my opinion… So sad… Those few words have great and deep meaning for the connection that truly occurs in "real" love -so much more than the body and the mind