Monday, March 20, 2006

The Little Things That Piss Me Off, Part 1,246

The North Loop day party I'd planned on going to Sunday got rained out, so I spent the afternoon writing post-SXSW reviews for the Chron and driving from store to store looking for a new plastic credit card holder for my wallet. I found myself muttering profanities under my breath as my frustration level grew at not being able to find this stupid little piece of 99-cent plastic. I just know they keep those things in short supply so exasperated guys will break down and buy a new wallet. That's how they get you - but they won't get me! At least not this time, you seedy corporate bastards!


David said...

Man, the hours I've spent driving around, hunting cheap things for the principle of not buying the jacked up version... well, it's a lot of hours. I guess that's what I'm saying. At some point, I plan to start just paying the inflated price so I don't continue to become a stubborn ass about these things. We'll see it that plan works.

Anonymous said...

I gave up on plastic inserts. My wallet has two slashes in the leather. It prevents me from carrying too many credit cards...which is probably a good thing.

A few of the savvy swing dancing kids have given up on wallets altogether and are using these: Jimi™ ("The wallet for people who hate wallets").


Greg said...

Unless I win the Lotto, I'm afraid I'll have to stay on the stubborn ass trajectory.

Those Jimis aren't bad looking, though I'm not sure where I'd keep my ATM receipts. I'd hate to have to tell people it was called a Jimi, too.