Monday, March 06, 2006

No More Microwave Mishaps!

Faithful readers of this here blog will recall the burnt microwave popcorn mishap of April 2005.

On Saturday night, that same microwave oven briefly caught on fire. Fortunately, I was in the kitchen when it happened or the whole duplex could've gone up like a tinderbox and set off a miniature Chernobyl.

When an appliance catches on fire, the smart thing to do (after putting out the fire, of course) is to unplug it and throw it away. Thing is, I was midway through heating up a slice of pizza and it was still cold, so I finished heating it in three 10-second interludes with fire extinguisher at the ready. Although nothing happened, I don't recommend this to anyone.

I'm pretty cheap when it comes to replacing durable goods, but I went ahead and bought a new microwave today. I'm packing 1,300 watts of stainless steel power and inverter turbo defrost now, baby.

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