Friday, March 03, 2006

A Tribute to Lendy's

Lendy's was a popular chain of drive-in/coffee shop restaurants in and around Roanoke, Virginia from the mid-Fifties through the mid-Seventies. They started out as a regional Big Boy franchise and later became the area's Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise. In fact, late founder Leonard Goldstein is the guy who came up with the famous tilted rotating chicken bucket that topped KFC stores for many years.

I never went to Lendy's and have only passed through Roanoke, but as a fan of extinct restaurant chains, I found plenty to like about Twig Gravely's Lendy's tribute site. Be sure to check out the old radio and TV spots, especially "Peace, Love, and Strawberry Pie."


David said...

God damn you, Greg Beets. Rachel and I have been singing all three of these infectious jingles for 24 hours and can't stop. They're just so fucking catchy and fun to sing.

Then, Rachel made a pretend version on a "Splendy" today for lunch and served it with peas and popcorn - of all things.

Now, Splendy has entered our vocabulary like the word 'smurf' to Smurfs. We're using it for everything! I even got to thinking about my extinct childhood favorites and looked up Stuckey's and found this site:

Isn't that just Splendy?

Anonymous said...

The Lendy's tribute site is back up, and can be found at :

Anonymous said...