Saturday, January 07, 2006

Today We Panched

Lance Farley, Hunter Darby and I finally made the Hajj up IH-35 to the (relatively) new Pancho's Mexican Buffet in Temple today. It looks like it's housed in either an old Shoney's or an old Chinese buffet. The interior definitely had that Eighties coffee shop vibe and there was carpet on the floor, something I've never seen in a Pancho's.

The signage at the Temple location features the old script Pancho's logo. This leads me to believe there is a warehouse somewhere that stores "Panchana" from closed locations for possible future use at new ones. I like the old logo better anyway.

The food was par for the Pancho's course, but our server apparently went on break after checking on us once. She was nowhere to be found come sopaipilla time and our flag only went up to half staff. Eschewing this pathetic Hollywood loaf (or should I say Guadalajara loaf) of a flag, we stole a more stout flag from another table and repositioned it at an obvious spot on our own table.

Soon we had another server who was both conscientious and cute. In fact, she may have been the cutest server I've ever had at Pancho's, and that includes the one I taped Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd for in high school as a misguided token of my cheese-coated esteem.

My last Pancho's meal was almost a year ago, so I didn't eat too much for economy's sake like I used to. I also took a heroic dose of simethicone prior to eating to reduce the possibility of a catostrophic blowout on the drive home. It's cool to do the hot dog thing when you're young, but you don't keep eating at Pancho's for 35 years unless you learn how to Panch safely.

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snax said...

After seeing that pic of Lance, I'm thinking it should be renamed "Pauncho's"! Glad to hear ya'll finally made the jaunt, and that you panched safely.