Monday, January 02, 2006

Time Warner Drops Trio

Time Warner Cable mailed Austinites a New Year's Day turd by dropping Trio from its line-up when the clock struck 2006.

Although Trio's "Pop. Culture. TV." programming was hardly an elixir for the masses, I enjoyed the Late Night With David Letterman and Battle of the Network Stars reruns they sometimes showed.

Taken together with the jacked-up rates and a bunch of home shopping and religious channels I never watch, this is a real loss of value for me. I'd like to just give up cable one of these days, but until my TiVo box craps out, there's not much point in undermining the usefulness of that product.

I'll never quit watching too much TV, but I can totally see a day when I storm out of the top-down "global village" forever in favor of a steady diet of DVDs.

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