Wednesday, January 04, 2006

So I Guess There's A Football Game Tonight

I was briefly chided at work this morning for not showing up all decked out in burnt orange for the big game tonight. The closest thing in my wardrobe to official UT gear is a custom-made "Hook 'Em, Satan!" T-shirt I bought from Jimmy Bradshaw after a Squat Thrust show several years ago. Maybe I should've worn that to work.

Having attended UT for six years and lived in Austin for 18, I'm pulling for the Longhorns to beat USC and win their first national championship since 1969-70, but I'm just not that into it. Even when I lived right behind the stadium, I never did the student ticket thing. In fact, I've only been to two UT games in my life and that was mainly because my Red Raider-lovin' folks were in town to see them play Texas Tech.

Some of my friends couldn't care less about the Rose Bowl because they hate sports or they hate UT. Not me. I love a good football game. It's great entertainment. My memories of UT are fond enough, too. I just happen to have other priorities.

I'll probably pop in on the game from time to time while I'm at band practice, though.

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snax said...

What a game!! I have similar sentiments, but the beer I brought home help me be even more sentimental. Sure the neighbors heard me yelling...