Monday, January 16, 2006

Texas Class

I was watching some of the big UT victory rally at Memorial Stadium on TV yesterday evening.

Our senior senator Kay Bailey Hutchison used to be a UT cheerleader, so they had her give some remarks about how UT won because our school has more class and more heart than USC.

Then she started talking about a bet on the game she made with California senator Dianne Feinstein and the stadium erupted in boos at the mention of Feinstein's name.

Yessir, that's some real fucking class there!


booberrypancake said...

we went to hoover's for dinner last night and got caught in the post-party traffic on the way home.

the fact that these people with no lives would break out into boos at the mention of a democrat's name just cinches it for me. losers, all of them.

melanie, ron titter band's biggest fan

Kat said...

I am forced to chime in and reclaim the right to celebrate the 'Horns victory. I'm a flamin' liberal who despises Perry (the Aggie), Kay Bailey, and all the freaking frats who kept me from wanting to actually attend any football games when I was a UT student... but I still love my team and am thrilled to see that throbbing orange tower in heat.

not EVEN a loser,

Greg said...

I too was glad to see UT beat USC and I hope against hope Vince Young winds up with the Houston Texans.

I'm not even going to say politicians shouldn't be booed sometimes. But don't act like you're at a Larry the Cable Guy show and then try to pass it off as "class."