Thursday, January 05, 2006

Beetsolonely Turns One!

In all the excitement over UT's win last night, I almost forgot to mention that today is the one-year anniversary of Beetsolonely.

On January 5, 2005, this here blog went live with the question, "Is this thing on, or did it fall off while I was dancing?" I haven't figured out what that means, but here we are a year later, still tapping away.

My goal for Beetsolonely was to blog at least once a day every day for a year. Although I don't plan to slack off in a major way, I have rendered an executive judgment upon myself that it's okay to miss a day. Especially on weekends, when fewer people are sitting at work reading blogs.

Or perhaps I'll hire an intern to do weekends. The Beetsolonely North American Headquarters could really use a bright, buxom, wildly experimental mind to absorb all the excess energy around here. There's no money involved, but I'll make you breakfast on Sunday morning.

Why? Because we're a company that cares. Beetsolonely: The People People.


BB said...

Excellent! Happy birthday to your blog.

I missed my lil' blog's birthday in November, though I just realized that yesterday I put up my 500th post.


snax said...
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snax said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Hmm, I'm buxom, my mind is bright, so where do I submit an application?! Oh, and does breakfast include coffee?

Kim said...

Happy Birthday! You have done well, my friend. Cupcakes anyone?