Thursday, January 05, 2006

And the City Goes Wild

I was fortunate enough to catch the tail end of UT's stunning last-minute 41-38 victory over USC. I'm pretty sure I was more nervous watching the game than Vince Young was playing it. Once USC was up 38-26, I left band practice and started driving home, figuring the game was probably over. Not Vince, though. He ran the winning touchdown in himself on 4th down with 26 seconds to go.

I want Vince to be my pilot when three out of four engines have crapped out. I want him to be my doctor when I'm down to one pint of blood. You just can't teach a guy to be that cool under pressure.

USC fans will be justified in noting that Vince should've been ruled down when he pulled off that incredible pitch to Selvin Young resulting in the Longhorns' first touchdown. Otherwise, it was so close that whoever had their hands on the ball last with enough time to score was going to win (give USC that last timeout back and they might've sent it into overtime). Somehow, the UT defense finally managed to stop the Trojans on 4th down when it mattered. This was a game that lived up to all the hype.

My normally quiet neighborhood is now being punctured every few seconds by the odd celebratory grita from people who are usually in bed by 8pm. The area around campus and downtown are both going nuts. Austin's workforce is going to be one drag-assed bunch when 8am rolls around.

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