Friday, December 23, 2005

Osama's Niece is a Babe

This is Wafah Dufour, a struggling model-musician in New York who happens to be Osama Bin Laden's niece.

While some relatives of the infamous conceal such familial linkages, Wafah knows the value of an irresistible talking point. As long as you're unfortunate enough to have an Uncle Osama, why not parlay it into a sexy photo spread for GQ?

For the record, Dufour has never even met her Uncle Osama and is just one among hundreds of distant Bin Laden kin. She condemns her uncle's actions, too.

"I want to be accepted here, but I feel that everybody's judging me and rejecting me," laments Dufour. "Come on, where's the American spirit? Accept me. I want to be embraced, because my values are like yours. And I'm here. I'm not hiding."

I'll accept you, Wafah. Who needs 72 virgins in heaven with a dish like this right here on earth?

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