Saturday, December 24, 2005

Hickoid Holiday

My pal Jonathan Toubin from New York Night Train rolled into Austin last night, which was quite a nice surprise. We met up at Room 710 to see the Hickoids. It was a real old school show with lots of long lost friends in attendance.

The Hickoids played a great set, rolling out standards like "Queen of the BBQ," "Brand New Way," "Corn Foo Fighting," and, just in time for the holidays, "If You've Got the Whiskey, I've Got the Eggnog." I could've stood to have a couple more adult beverages in me to complete the effect, but I had to drive and wanted to remain reasonably presentable for today's family events.

After a somewhat sluggish start to the day, I'm now in Houston chilling at my folks' house. We're about to eat some of my mom's delicious King Ranch Chicken with my uncle and his family. Good stuff all around.

From all of us at Beetsolonely, best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah (but not in that creepy Fox News way).

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