Monday, December 05, 2005

A Charlie Brown Christmas Turns 40

A Charlie Brown Christmas will air for the 40th time this Tuesday at 8/7 Central on ABC. I wish it still aired on CBS, prededed by the exciting "CBS Special Presentation" musical bump. I also wish it was interspersed with spots for Zingers and other neat-to-eat treats from Dolly Madison.

Before TiVo, DVDs, cable and VCRs, the airing of Christmas specials was something to plan an evening around. Especially this one. The lump in my throat when Linus reads the story of Jesus' birth from the Book of Luke gets bigger every year.

Next to Phil Spector's Christmas album, Vince Guaraldi's soundtrack for A Charlie Brown Christmas is my favorite music of the season. The fact that Guaraldi, who passed away in 1976, is not on trial for murder nudges him even closer to the top spot.

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Anonymous said...

I have fond memories of this program as well. My sister tries to get her kids to watch the Charlie Brown holiday specials, but they don't seem that interested.

I adore Guaraldi's version of "What Child is This," not to mention "Christmas Time is Here." If only all Xmas music had that much beauty...