Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hey, Cookies!

Last night, I found myself with a jones for sweets that could not be denied. Popsicles weren't doing the trick, so I moseyed on up to the neighborhood H-E-B.

They had two 20-count packages of Nestlé Toll House "Break-N-Bake" chocolate chunk cookies on sale for just $4. That seemed like a good enough deal.

Then I noticed another Toll House cookie package came affixed with a $1 instant coupon if you bought two. I got out of there with 40 cookies for just $3. Clearly that's far too many cookies for one man.

Furthermore, Nestlé has a long history of promoting infant formula in Third World countries to low-income mothers who don't have access to clean water. But when they're practically giving cookies away, what choice do you have?

I broke, I baked and I ate.


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