Friday, December 09, 2005

The Invincible Nutcracker

These are the Invincible Czars. They may look a little out of their minds in this photo, but they're actually very nice boys from good families who play art rock without forgetting how to roll.

Last year, I saw the Czars perform the Nutcracker Suite at the Church of the Friendly Ghost. It was a packed house and they sounded great. My patience for Christmas music usually starts to wear thin around noon on the day after Thanksgiving, so it was seasonally refreshing to see them reinterpret Mr. Tchaikovsky in a fresh new way.

If you've had it with being constantly bombarded with the same old holiday spirit, go see the Invincible Czars do their Nutcracker thing this weekend. On Saturday, they're doing "dance-along" shows at 2pm (kids) and 8pm (all ages) at the Austin Boys & Girls Club, 303 W. Johanna. Costumes are encouraged. Then on Sunday, they're doing a more traditional performance at Ruta Maya, 3601 S. Congress. The Czars play at 8pm, followed by the Golden Arm Trio's Christmas show at 9pm.

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chepo said...

The guy with the big half beard...that is a disturbing look!

Beets we should do a christmas show next year. All bad xmas songs.