Thursday, July 31, 2008

Harvest of shame

Today at lunch, I went to my neighborhood Sun Harvest for a quick grocery run. Upon entering, I noticed all of the checkers were wearing blue shirts that read, “Customer service is an attitude!!!”

Aside from the fact that ending a sentence with three exclamation points is like screaming in someone’s earhole, I’d like to know what kind of executive mind thinks it’s a good idea to emblazon front-line employees with a popcorn fart “affirmation” that never should have left the motivational seminar it was first uttered in. Good customer service is perfectly capable of speaking for itself without the aid of a T-shirt and bad customer service looks that much worse when it’s cloaked in a phony slogan.

Speaking as someone who used to work in a grocery store, I can assure you the only kind of attitude having to wear a shirt like that will breed is a shitty one.

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