Monday, July 14, 2008

Bitchin' nostalgia

Paige Maguire at Austinist reports that Philadelphia scruff rock legends the Dead Milkmen are reuniting to headline this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest November 8-9 at Waterloo Park. Dandrew Stevens will take the place of original bassist Dave Blood, who committed suicide in 2004.

The Dead Milkmen are no strangers to Austin. They name-checked our city’s long-gone cheap rent on “Six Days” from 1986's Eat Your Paisley and recorded three albums in the area with Glass Eye bassist-turned-producer Brian Beattie.

I haven’t seen the Milkmen play since 1988 at Power Tools in Houston, but the Peenbeets occasionally turned to “Serrated Edge” when we needed a crowd-pleasing cover. Like many a dateless high school malcontent, I wore out my old cassette copy of Big Lizard in My Backyard while tooling about H-town in search of a sympathetic convenience store that would sell Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers to underage kids. Good times all around.

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