Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Warren Chism will save your marriage

The same bunch of moralists who’ve spent millions on do-nothing abstinence education programs for kids are starting to implement similar initiatives for us grownups.

Starting September 1, the marriage license fee in Texas will go from $30 to $60 unless you and yours take a state-sanctioned eight-hour marriage education class. The state is using $8 million in federal welfare funds to pay for the classes and maintain a registry of who has taken them.

There’s more on the way when the Texas Legislature reconvenes next year. Longtime state representative Warren Chism (R-Pampa) wants couples seeking a divorce to wait two years unless they take a class designed to save their marriage.

While the administration of such classes would primarily be a publicly-financed sop to faith-based organizations, I’d love to see the comedy clubs get in on it. If they can teach defensive driving, there’s no reason our great state’s bastions of belly laughs can’t defend the sacred institution of heterosexual marriage.


Dan said...

The marriage class sort of makes sense to me. Think of it this way: The additional cost is $30. It takes two people eight hours, for a total of 16 labor hours, so the effective hourly rate is $1.88. And if you find a wage of $1.88 an hour attractive, you're probably not ready for the burdens of marriage!

save said...

Obviously, without talking to your spouse no progress will be made. You cannot solve your marriage problems without talking to your spouse. It just doesn't work that way. What, are you going to write notes to each other? Get real, grow up and sit down with your spouse and talk about what needs to be changed.