Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekly World News Shutting Down!

As if having Rupert Murdoch buy The Wall Street Journal isn’t bad enough, American Media announced Friday that it is shutting down the Weekly World News.

Founded in 1979, WWN was the only supermarket tabloid that adhered to the weird and wonderful when all its cousins shifted their primary focus toward vomiting up dullwitted celebrity gossip. Now where will we go to learn of the latest exploits of Bat Boy? Who will tell us when the aliens endorse Hillary Clinton?

To borrow a phrase from the late, great Ed Anger, I’m pig-biting mad about this!


Dan said...

I used to love the WWN, but I picked up a copy a couple of months ago and it had tried to go clean--basically the same stories, maybe not as saucy, but full of disclaimers about the news not being real, parody for entertainment purposes, don't really follow Dottie's advice, etc. Completely ruined the experience--like going to the theater and having somebody wave a sign saying Romeo's only pretending to be dead, and you shouldn't commit teen suicide. It also included some goofy cute items of the genre GRIT used to run.

Greg said...

Well that's a shame. I wonder if some lawyers got to them?